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2023 Commanders Package

Hey folks, we are still working on the online reservation form.  In the meantime, please send the below information to to reserve your set.  Note: each attendee can only get one Commanders' Package - you will need to choose between the Rage of the Jaguar Set ($100) and the Texas Ranger Bicentennial Set ($200).  20 Jaguar Sets and 5 Ranger sets are available to reserve.


Again, below is the information that needs to be e-mailed to us to secure your reservation.  You will be contacted back within 48 hours for payment information:


Full Name

Street Address

City, State, Zip

Phone #


Paypal Address

Set Wanted (Rage or Ranger)

Once the reservation is filled and payment completed, we will send you a proof of payment to bring to the show admission table to receive your Commander's Package and Badge. 🙂


NOTE: these sets are for Show Attendees first.  If you are not coming to the show, please do not reserve a set.  If we have sets left over AFTER the show, we will offer them online.

The DFW GI Joe & Action Figure Show Promotions Team

Both Commanders Package Sets allows the purchaser entry into the Friday Night Preview (6 to 8 pm), Saturday Early Bird Access (9 am), and access to an invite only Swap Meet Friday Night after the Friday Night Preview (will be contacted personally by DFW GI Joe Club on time and location).

Rage of the Jaguar
$100 per set

(only 20 sets will be available)


Hooded Camo Jacket and Pants


Tranquilizer Dart Rifle


Tranquilizer Dart Pouch

First Aid Pouch


Canteen and Pouch


Uniform Decal

Snipers Hide Frame

Snipers Hide Camo Netting


Friday Preview Show Admission

Saturday Early Bird Show Admission


The Snipers Hide can be carried within the backpack when not in use.

Texas Ranger Bicentennial Set
00 per set

(only 5 sets will be available)



Hat (NewLine Minitures)

Boots (NewLine minitures)

Bandana (AJ Clothiers)

Pants (AJ Clothiers)

Vest (AJ Clothiers)

Shirt (Old Days of Yore)

Spurs (Stevo's Toys)

Knife (Stevo's Toys)

Pistol and Knife Belt Holster (Stevo's Toys)

Winchester Rifle (Stevo’s Toys)

Revolver Pistol (Stevo’s Toys)

Horse and Saddlery (Stevo’s Toys)

Texas Ranger Commemorative Badge with Box

Coffin Box with Original Artwork from David Howard

Certificate of Authenticity

Friday Preview Show Admission

Saturday Early Bird Show Admission

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