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VENDORS & Guests

Ron Rudat Main.jpg

Ron Rudat, Hasbro Designer & Artist
This year we’re bringing back the Father of GI Joe: RAH Action Figures and Vehicles - Ron Rudat! Per, "Ron Rudat was the figure designer behind G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. From the rebirth of G.I. Joe in 1982 until he moved off of the brand in 1986, every figure sprung from his mind onto the page. He also designed vehicles and decals, books, and the Cobra logo!"

Pixel Dan Bio 2021.jpg

“Pixel Dan” Eardley, YouTuber, Author, Collector
We are happy that YouTuber, Author, and all-around Action Figure Fan "Pixel Dan" Eardley will be attending this year's show! I got to sit down and talk to him a bit before the earlier this year, and he's a super down to earth guy, and a toy collector like the rest of us.  However, his knowledge of Masters of the Universe is mind- blowing. I collected MOTU as a kid, but didn't do much after that, but after buying Dan's comprehensive hard bound book on Masters of the Universe, I was taken back to being a pudgy little kid again in the 80s.

Fighting 788 GI Joe Cosplayers
Our good friends from The Fightin’ 788th is a GI JOE based costuming club whose  members are devoted to celebrating the GI JOE universe through the creation and  wearing of quality costumes and props. The 788th promotes interest in the GI JOE universe and contributes to the community through works of charity.

Dark Empire
Always glad to have the fine folks from Dark Empire: Voidstar Spire to our show! The purpose of The Dark Empire is to promote multi-generational fandom and appreciation of STAR WARS through acts of charity, and to encourage creative costuming as custom or canon characters representing the “dark side”, and “soldiers of fortune” including smugglers, pirates and bounty hunters (non-mandalorian) of the Star Wars universe

501st Legion: Star Garrison
The DFW GI Joe And Action Figure Show is happy to welcome back members of the Star Garrison of the 501st Legion to this year's show.  It's been a few years since they've done our show, but we're happy to have them back!


Cotswold Collectibles
Since 1989, Cotswold Collectibles has specialized in products for collectors of old and new G.I. Joe collectible toys, and assorted military and non-military 1:6 scale action figures. Originally out of Seattle, Washington, this year Greg Brown who has been Cotswold Collectibles’ Director of Marketing and New Products for the past 13+ years, bought Cotswold and moved them to Ennis, Texas. Cotswold has been specializing in 1/6 scale Action Figures and their accessories from around the world but has really pushed a "Buy American" policy recently adding more and more North and South American companies to the marketplace. In addition, Cotswold has opened up more into the 1/18, 1/12 and Mego scales as well. Cotswold is the place to find great quality products from companies like Hot Toys, Dragon, DID, Sideshow, Phicen, Triad Toys as well as Hasbro and their own exclusive line of Elite Brigade figure sets and accessories. Greg and crew have supported our efforts to create our USAAF Flight Nurse Figure Set this year. Thanks so much.

Welch Race image.png

1LT Robert F. Welch III Charity
The 1LT Robert F. Welch III Run for our Heroes Race was created by Becky Welch in an effort to preserve the memory of her late husband, 26 year-old Army 1LT Rob Welch III, who was killed in Afghanistan on 3 April 2011. Her goal was to pay tribute to her husband and other Fallen Soldiers, as well as use the event to say thank you to those military currently serving, local Veterans, Firemen, and Police officers. With the support of family, friends, and community members, the first annual Run for our Heroes Race took place on 14 April 2012 marking Welch’s 1 year “Angel”versary. Ever since, the event is held every year on the Saturday in April closest to 1LT Welch's "Angel"versary date. Proceeds from the event benefit the 1LT Robert F. Welch III charitable foundation  to help support the needs of local veterans, fire departments, police departments, and Gold Star families. With the money raised in the events first two years, we were able to establish the 1LT Robert F. Welch III Memorial Endowment within the Wylie ISD Education Foundation to a yearly scholarship to be awarded to a deserving high school student from Wylie High School and Wylie East High School who exemplify the tenets of community service. In past years, the Charity have been able to begin funding other donations m supporting the local American Legion, the Wylie Police Department K-9 unit, assisting families of fallen soldiers, and support of the local Veterans food pantry. Robby Welch was an early supporter of the DFW GI JOE Collector Club while in college and before his deployment. The DFW GI JOE Collector Club is very proud to have assisted the Charity in every race held and supported their gala events for several years. Additional information on the 1LT Robert F. Welch III Run for our Heroes Race and the Charity can be found at-


Boba Joe's Toys & Collectibles

We are happy to welcome back Boba Joe's to the show! Boba Joe's Toys & Collectbles specializes in action figures and action figure related toys from 1960s to present. Sci-fi, military, Western, super heroes and other pop culture. Figures, parts, sets and accessories.


Day & Knight Collectibles

The DFW GI Joe And Action Figure Show is happy to announce that Day and Knight Collectibles will be attending this year's show.  Scott and the crew buys, sells, and trades vintage GI Joe, TMNT, MOTU, and more. They also sell comics and Pokemon cards. Welcome to the show!


Cory’s Toys

Brian Leake

Kris Kolander

Paul Macias & Leslie Akins

Jason Bazan

Ace’s Emporium of Cool

More for War Toys

Raymond Camina

Barbara Bellino

Steve Scioneaux

Zhukov's Attic/ John Anders

Aaron Brieger

Kyle Juntunen

Leslie Burkette

Code Red Collectibles

David Warren 

David Howard

Davis Hobbies and Toys

Rome Armendariz

Super Joe Unlimited

Anthony Esquivel

E2 Studios

Mattsquatch Customs and Toys

Kimzar Kollectables

Mark Spencer 

Donna Dillon

Louis Simmons 

John Jordan 

Chris Wall

Empire Toys

Chicken Fried Toys

Saul Friedman

Kwik Stop Toys

Cold War Toys

Grindstone Toys

Mark 2 Design/Mark 2 Toys

The Toy Nook

The Lost Toys

Up to Speed Toys

Vintage Sisters Auctioneers

Juniior CVZ Collectibles
Joe Alf Collects
Reuben Bertram
S T Vintage Toys
Derek Hoeft

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