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VENDORS & Guests


Cotswold Collectibles
Since 1989, Cotswold Collectibles has specialized in products for collectors of old and new G.I. Joe collectible toys, and assorted military and non-military 1:6 scale action figures. Originally out of Seattle, Washington, this year Greg Brown who has been Cotswold Collectibles’ Director of Marketing and New Products for the past 13+ years, bought Cotswold and moved them to Ennis, Texas. Cotswold has been specializing in 1/6 scale Action Figures and their accessories from around the world but has really pushed a "Buy American" policy recently adding more and more North and South American companies to the marketplace. In addition, Cotswold has opened up more into the 1/18, 1/12 and Mego scales as well. Cotswold is the place to find great quality products from companies like Hot Toys, Dragon, DID, Sideshow, Phicen, Triad Toys as well as Hasbro and their own exclusive line of Elite Brigade figure sets and accessories. Greg and crew have supported our efforts to create our USAAF Flight Nurse Figure Set this year. Thanks so much.

Welch Race image.png

1LT Robert F. Welch III Charity
The 1LT Robert F. Welch III Run for our Heroes Race was created by Becky Welch in an effort to preserve the memory of her late husband, 26 year-old Army 1LT Rob Welch III, who was killed in Afghanistan on 3 April 2011. Her goal was to pay tribute to her husband and other Fallen Soldiers, as well as use the event to say thank you to those military currently serving, local Veterans, Firemen, and Police officers. With the support of family, friends, and community members, the first annual Run for our Heroes Race took place on 14 April 2012 marking Welch’s 1 year “Angel”versary. Ever since, the event is held every year on the Saturday in April closest to 1LT Welch's "Angel"versary date. Proceeds from the event benefit the 1LT Robert F. Welch III charitable foundation  to help support the needs of local veterans, fire departments, police departments, and Gold Star families. With the money raised in the events first two years, we were able to establish the 1LT Robert F. Welch III Memorial Endowment within the Wylie ISD Education Foundation to a yearly scholarship to be awarded to a deserving high school student from Wylie High School and Wylie East High School who exemplify the tenets of community service. In past years, the Charity have been able to begin funding other donations m supporting the local American Legion, the Wylie Police Department K-9 unit, assisting families of fallen soldiers, and support of the local Veterans food pantry. Robby Welch was an early supporter of the DFW GI JOE Collector Club while in college and before his deployment. The DFW GI JOE Collector Club is very proud to have assisted the Charity in every race held and supported their gala events for several years. Additional information on the 1LT Robert F. Welch III Run for our Heroes Race and the Charity can be found at-


Rick Sollers and Scott Robson - RSCustom Toys

   RICK AND SCOTT ARE BACK!! Rick and Scott have been staples of the show for many years and are back after missing 2021 and will be stocking 5 BOOTHS with their amazing stuff. Some of it will be 1/6 scale Vintage GI Joe, Custom movie, pop culture figures and parts galore. 3 3/4inch parts and gear as well as some Horror figures and memorabilia and so much more!

Gerardo Vega – De La Vega Arts, Crafts and Collectibles ​

   Gerardo Vega will be selling modern comics by Marvel, DC Comics and some independent. He will sell complete sets and individual comics. He will also have about 7 long boxes (roughly 1400 comics). He will be selling mainly superhero action figures as well as TV/ Film related figures, Pop! and posters.


Jason Bazan - Private Collector

   Jason has vintage secret wars and super powers loose figures, vintage 80s G I Joe vehicles and figures, vintage loose Thundercats, vintage loose Dungeons and Dragons, vintage loose Battlestar Galactica figures, retro Mego super heroes, vintage loose generation 1 Transformers, Marvel select figures, Star Wars black series 6 inch, various 2000 and up Star Wars 3 3/4", various female super hero items and toys, marvel Legends figures, newer Robotech, vintage loose Kenner Star Wars 3 3/4" figures, and various super hero toys old and newer.

Cory Lord  

    Cory has been with us since the very first show in Grapevine.  Cory will have a large selection of 12" G.I. Joes, 12” Dragon figures, 1/6th scale vehicles, custom figures, New Line Miniatures, and many other rare and hard to find items for sale. 


Scott Day - Day and Knight Collectibles 

   Scott will be bringing a large assortment of Masters of the Universe, Transformers, GI Joes and comics.


Brian Leake - JAGS Pics Treasures

   Brian has loads of GI Joes/Action Figures, vintage toys and MOTU/MEGO/TMNT/and Star Wars.

Tom Inabinet- Private Collector

   Tom will be bringing 12 inch GI Joes from the 60's through the 90's.

Paul Macias and Leslie Akins - Private Collectors

   Paul and Leslie are bringing GI Joes from the 64-75, Custom GI Joe Patches and Armbands as well as Display Case Backgrounds.

Raz Simonian  - Kimzar Kollectibles

   Raz is coming from California to the show for the first time with a variety of action figures stuff.

Raymond Camina - Basket and Pottery Alley 
  Raymond will be bringing his GI JO, Disney, Star Wars and Transformer figures for sale. 

Kris Kolander - Private Collector

  Kris will have Modern Joe figures and vehicles as well as some JoeClub Exclusives.

Ace Allgood - Private Dealer.

   Ace Allgood (along with his motley crew of Joeheads) will be attending our show this year! Ace will be bringing a plethora of vintage G.I. Joe items and spreading Joe cheer to everyone. Get Ready!!!

Reuben Bartram/Large Scale Diorama Werks - 

   Reuben has the great site of Large Scale Dioramas and excellent YouTube videos on how to create marvelous ruins. He will be bringing a huge display of his Dragon vehicles. 

 Aaron Brieger -

   Aaron will be bringing GI Joe, MASK, MOTU, NECA, TMNT, She-Ra, My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake figures for sale. 

Bandito Comics-

    Bandito Comics is another new vendor from the Brownsville area of TX! They will be showing up with silver age and modern comics, Funko Pops, Star Wars Black Series and Pokemon Cards. 

Zhuhov's Attics-

   John is returning after a short absence bringing immense collection of spare 1/6 Scale spare parts. If you need something, Zhuhov's Attic will have it!!

Bryan Pagan-

   Bryan will be coming with a goodly mix of GI Joe, Action Man and multiple miscellaneous toys. 

Doug Kidd

   Doug is returning from Arkansas with a collection of original Joe and vehicles.

Steven Scioneaux-

   Steven is a DFW Joehead  bringing his various GI Joe Adventure Team, Classic Collection figures as well as 6in GI Joes, Marvel Legends, DC Multiverse, MOTU and Star Wars action figures. 

Chicken Fried Toys-

   John Russell will be bringing his outstanding 1/18 scale Cowboy figures from his Dime Novel Legends.  These are some of the finest western figures that have ever been around. CFT provided our   3 3/4 Texas Ranger figure that was delayed by the 2020 Covid Show and there is also a modern Texas Ranger available as well.


Chris Fahrney - 

   Chris is bringing modern and vintage both 3 3/4” and 12” Joe, loose and carded figures, a ton of boxed vintage modern vehicles, and a ton more.

Mark Spencer -

    Mark will be participating as a vendor at the upcoming show. We have been informed that Mark will have “tons” of vintage 12” G.I. Joes, some modern 12” G.I. Joes, 3 ¾” vintage G.I. Joes, as well as vintage vehicles and accessories for all, as well as some Star Wars items.

DUDv2/Richard Brieger -

   Richard will be demonstrating 3D printing to enhance our modeling experiences. Can't wait to see what items he will be creating for our 12 in and other scale figs. 


Kyle Juntunen - 

   Kyle is a new vendor and an extraordinary one! He will be bringing his toy photography prints of Marvel and other characters in 8x10 prints and a small amount of figures and comics. 

Jedi Cole - 

   Cole Houston and PJ Dunn will be bringing a great selection of items for sale.

Charlie Holloway-

   Charlie will be bringing toys from all era's vintage to modern. You will just have to take a look to get an idea of their variety!

Mattsquatch/Matt Stevenson-

Matt will be bringing 1:6 scale reproduction weapons and accessories. You can see more of his work on his Facebook page. Glad to have him as part of the team!

Louis Simmons-

   Louis will have plenty of G.I. Joes! Hundreds of both 3 3/4” ARAH and modern, plus thousands of accessories! Louis will also have Transformers and other 80's action figure lines for sale at the show, as well as newer lines from Marvel and DC.  Additional, he will be carrying Funko POPS.

Donna Dillon-

   Donna is the wife of our former President Hank Dillon who we lost a couple of years ago. She is selling a ton of Hank's stuff of vintage, original and HOF Joes as well as lots of other 12 inch figures and other great things Hank collected. Don't miss Donna's booth! 


More for War/Jim Donaghue-

   Jim will have Vintage Star Wars,Transformers, Marvel figures, Star Wars Black Series 6 inch, Star Wars 3 3/4", Star Wars miniature ships and vehicles, Hot Wheels, new Fallout figures, various super hero items and toys, Robotech, Star Wars plastic models, Corgi military, miniature soldiers, and various other toys. Custom made Dioramas of Star Wars, Iron Man, Batman, etc. Custom made bases for 12” figures.

Anthony Esquivel - 

   Anthony will be bringing toys from all era's vintage to modern.


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