The Dallas Fort Worth GI JOE and Action Figure Show
announces our 2022 Show Exclusive!
This figure set is our first FEMALE ACTION FIGURE:
a World War II US Army Air Force flight Nurse!


The first USAAF flight nurses went to North Africa during Christmas 1942. Their task was to assist in the aerial evacuation of wounded from front line airfields to hospitals in the rear.

Five hundred Army Flight Nurses served in 31 medical air evacuation transport squadrons worldwide.  Their skills in air evacuating over 1,768,048 casualties resulting in the loss of only 46 deaths. Seventeen nurses lost their lives performing their lifesaving duties.

This is the Club’s first female figure with uniform. These teaser photographs shows our prototype figure. This figure is not the final product as we work to complete this unique historical figure.


This figure will have a limited production

of only 20 figures total! 


This figure set will only be sold at the show!

Any figures remaining after the show will

be offered on our show Facebook page.















Prototype redhead nurse  3.jpg
Prototype redhead nurse  1.jpg
Prototype redhead nurse  8.jpg

Grapevine Convention Center ● 1209 S Main St ● Grapevine, TX 76051