The 4th Lancers

The group is dedicated to the preservation of historic British post World War Two military vehicles. If you've ever wanted to see armor up close, this is your chance! Be sure to catch them only on Saturday, June 10th at the show!

The Outer Rim Star Wars Costume Club


Heroic Inner Kids

Excited to have Cole Houston and Eddie Medina with The Rantcor Pit back this year. They'll be broadcasting from the show on June 10th. Be sure to stop by and say "Hey!"

The 788th

We're super-stoked to announce that the FIGHTIN' 788th will again be in attendance at the 6th Annual DFW G.I. Joe & Action Figure Show. Just got confirmation that they'll also be bringing their 1:1-scale SHARC! 

And their Outpost Defender as well!

The Dark Empire

International Star Wars Costuming Organization!


1701st Fleet
The 1701st Fleet is a Star Trek based costuming fan group in which people of diverse backgrounds with and interest in Star Trek can interact socially and recreationally. By representing the fictional Star Trek universe, we will pool our efforts and collective talents to assist in various charitable works in an effort to promote the late Gene Roddenberry’s dream of the best for all of humanity. For more info on the 1701st, please visit their site at

The DFW G.I. Joe & Action Figure Show is happy to announce that

The DFW G.I. Joe & Action Figure Show is happy to announce that we are once again working with Shriners Hospital for Children, with a portion of ticket proceeds from Saturday and Sunday going to them as a donation.

There is rumor that the Shriners will have one of their transport units or ambulance at the show.